Geodesic Domes

Steel Deck Rental 4x8 or 4x4

Project Description

a geodesic dome is constructed of short struts following geodesic lines and forming an open framework of triangles or polygons. The principles of its construction were described by Buckminster Fuller.
We carry 20′ 4V geodesic domes in stock, but we can fabricate any size or frequency.



  • 16790112_1847100342196302_7289859270084919296_n
    GoGo Cages
  • DSC_0370
    Mediterranean Trailer Bar
  • 20170707_182258
    The Wizard Wagon
  • event-105
    The Desert Island
  • IMG_4496_web
    MIRRORBALL: Steampunk Lights and Interactive Event Props
  • flatsjackssandbags1a
    Flats, Jacks, Sandbags
  • safetystringlights1
    String Lights / Working Safety Lights
  • ledpar1
    LED Par Cans
  • par30birdies1
    Par 30 Birdies
  • red-curtain2
    Red Theater Curtains
  • img_6509
    Geodesic Domes
  • 20160811_133902
    Bang On! Red Bull "Banyan Tree" Mobile Bar
  • beach7
    Beach Bar Trailer for NBC Today Show
  • Pyramid_08
  • light_0_web
    SteamPunk Lamps
  • steeldeck_pic1
    Steel Deck

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